(110413) SUNGMIN UFO Replies

Fan: Never give up until we die. Gege-men, let us work hard together, exams are coming soon, so nervous, gege-men must cheer for me!
Sungmin: Hwaiting!!

Fan: SungMin Oppa,I miss U~Do U miss me? If your answer is”YES”,I will give good food to U~ Say “Yes”to me!!!—SissyCat
Sungmin: yes
(T/N: This UFO was sent in English and Sungmin replied in English)

Fan: Good night~ (T/N: Sent in English)
Sungmin: Goodnight~ (T/N: Sungmin wrote 완안~, which pronounces as “wan an” which is goodnight in Chinese)

Source from Chinese UFO Site
Translated by ωasurenaide @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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