Korean boy band mesmerises fans with songs and dances, Article on Super Junior M’s performance for the Malaysian National Youth Day

FOR Super Junior M fans, the Korean boy band’s one-hour performance on Saturday was Perfection and they would have stayed till Blue Tomorrow.

The boys performed at a free concert as part of the ‘One Million Youth Gathering’ in Putrajaya in conjunction with National Youth Day celebrations.

Although only six of the eight-member boy band turned up, the fans did not seem to mind as they screamed their hearts out when the boys appeared on stage.

Members Siwon and Donghae were absent due to filming engagements.

Despite the sweltering heat, the boys were sharply dressed.

They had the fans eating out of their hands, drawing deafening screams whenever they say “sayang” or “I love you”.

They started the show with Perfection and Blue Tomorrow (aka Till Tomorrow) and solo performances by each member.

Ryeowook belted out Teresa Teng’s Wo Zhi Zai Hu Ni (I Only Care About You), Kyuhyun tackled Taiwanese singer A-Mei’s Ru Guo Ni Ye Ting Shuo (Have You Heard) while Zhou Mi tapped into the local flavour by singing Malaysian singer Z-Chen’s 3am.

Henry and Eunhyuk showed off some nifty dance moves, with the latter flaunting Michael Jackson’s moonwalk, eliciting ear-piercing shrieks from the audience.

The boys ended the show with Destiny, one of the songs from their latest EP and their popular hit single Super Girl.

Six lucky fans were picked to meet their idols up close and one girl even cried tears of joy upon meeting her idol.

The guys obligingly shook hands and gave hugs, much to the delight of the die-hard fans.

The boy band, whose members are either of Korean or Chinese descent, is a subgroup of Super Junior. The concert was organised by Marctensia Concerts.

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[110531] Super Junior occupies top of Taiwanese charts for one full year!

Idol group Super Junior has continuously occupied the top of the Taiwanese music charts for a year, creating a wonder with their unbeaten record.

Super Junior has topped the largest Taiwanese music site KKBOX’s Top 100 Korean/Japanese Music Charts with their comeback title song “Bonamana” last year for the week of 22 May-28May, and continued to dominate the charts on the first week of June before continuing to remain at the top of the charts for the next 52 weeks. The extremely long period of time of their unbeaten record has effectively attracted the attention of the public.

Aside from that, Super Junior with their 3rd album title song “Sorry Sorry” also occupied the Korean/Japanese Music Charts of KKBOX for 36 consecutive weeks, while setting a shocking record of being the champion for 34 consecutive weeks on the ezpeer+ charts.

Super Junior-M, who is actively promoting in the Chinese music industry, has also successfully claimed the top of various major Taiwanese charts with their song “Perfection”, with their sky-high popularity. Aside from that, members Choi Siwon and Donghae have also been successfully casted in the Taiwanese drama “Extravagant Challenge, and are playing the main characters.

Source: Korea Star Daily
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