[110614] Sungmin’s UFO Replies (7 replies!)

Fan:(To) Gege-men: I’m having my exams tomorrow, cheer for me!
Sungmin:: Hwaiting! You must focus on it!

Fan: Gege-min, now that the weather is getting warmer, you must take care of your health, Sungmin-ge, do take care of yourself.
Sungmin:: Thank you <^^

Fan: Gege! Paris SMTown concert hwaiting!!!!!!!
Sungmin:: Hwaiting!! Jiayou! (T/N: Based on my own assumption, lol. Sungmin typed 짜요 which pronounces loosely as jiayou in chinese, which means hwaiting~)

Fan: My exams are coming soon, so nervous!
Sungmin:: Good luck for your exams!!!!! Jiayou

Fan: My exams are over!
Sungmin:: You’ve worked hard~~

Fan: Good luck for your concert! Go out of Asia and reach towards the world! (T/N: Kinda means be successful around the world)
Sungmin:: Advance!!

Fan: Gege, I’m so frustrated now~ Can’t sleep~
Sungmin:: Why are you frustrated???

Source from Chinese UFO Site
Translation by ωasurenaide @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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