[110916] Poseidon cast praises Choi Siwon, “He isn’t like an idol”

The cast for “Poseidon” are praising Super Junior‘s Siwon.

On September 15th, at the premiere in Seoul for KBS’s new series, “Poseidon” Lee Si Young, Lee Sung Jae, Jung Woon Taek, Gil Yong Woo, and other actors/actresses on the cast were present and gave tremdonus praise for Siwon.

In the drama, Siwon plays corporal Kim Sun Woo, a former top marine special forces member that suffered demotion after a reckless investigation that lead to a loss of a teammate. Although this isn’t Siwon’s first rodeo as an actor, because he is from the music industry, the idol member tag precedes him.

Going against this stereotype, his partner in the drama, Lee Si Young stated, “In all honesty, I was worried at first since Siwon is a very popular idol singer that he wouldn’t talk to me and make the shoot more difficult, making it very hard to be friends. But on the first day of the shoot, Siwon surprised me by approaching me first, saying, “Let’s be good friends””, showing her gratitude for Siwon’s attitude.

Han Jung Soo, who plays sergeant Oh Min Hyuk, stated, “Siwon shows respect for his seniors and works very well. There’s people that don’t talk to you simple because they’re idols, but Siwon is the type that approaches you first to make conversation”, introducing Siwon’s friendly personality.

The super senior in acting, Gil Yong Woo, also shared his praises, “Siwon constantly asks about everything and anything on the set, so there is no way I wouldn’t like him… I can even say he’s lovely”.

Receiving high praise from his fellow cast, Siwon stated, “I was very nervous because the cast was full of very talented seniors, but they took care of me very well and gave me a lot of advice, my nervousness turned into thrill… We are filming with great teamwork and “Poseidon” may be the step to a new challenge in my life“.

In related news, “Poseidon” is the first Korean maritime police drama that deals with real stories in bringing in, or taking out criminals that work in the waters. “Poseidon” will premiere on September 19th as the follow-up to “Spy Myung Wol”.

Source: Newsen via Nate | allkpop
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