[111003] Right now is Teuk Generation, simultaneous activities as MC and a Married man

‘Right now is Teuk Generation!’

Hallyu Legion, Super Junior’s Leader Leeteuk (28) will begin simultaneous activities as MC and a married man.

On September 30, Leeteuk and and actress Kang Sora did their first recording for MBC ‘We Got Married’ (short name Woo Kyeol). On the 3rd of October, he did his first recording as MC for SBS Amazing Tournament Star King (short name Star King) together with Boom. Leeteuk has overtaken the 2 variety programs which airs at around similar timeslots which means all eyes would be focused on him. Leeteuk’s first appearance on those shows will be on October 8 and 15 respectively.

Meanwhile, Leeteuk’s variety skills was showcased on programs such as SBS ‘Strong Heart’, ‘Star King’, and MBC ‘Introducing a Star’s Friend’

At dawn of October 3, before Star King’s recording Leeteuk wrote on his twitter ‘I have been doing Star King for 4 years now but tomorrow is a going to be a new challenge. There’s a lot of tension and worry but I will pay attention and give love to the challengers, I will do my best.’

Source: Celebrity News via Nate
Korean to English Translation: 특ģeиeŗατioи© @ AngeLeeteuk.com

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