[111003] Sungmin’s Blog Naver Update: First Decanting

남경가기전에 하나 투척!!
a memory before I go to Nanjing!!

이거슨 옛날에 규현이랑 종한형이랑 강헌선생님과 와인마실때의 일이다!^^
This was from before, tasting wine after decanting with Kyuhyun, Jong Han hyung and teacher Kang Hun.

첫 디켄팅..지금은 이때보다 훨씬 안정적이고
I’m even more unstable now compared to before. Although I’m more gentle now.
부드러워졌지만 이건뭐..흔들흔들 쏟아질것도 같고 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ웃긴다~
But this … I was trembling so much it spilled ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ so funny~
디켄팅하는 와인은 샤토 몽페라!
The wine decanting was Chateau Mont Perat!

Finally revealed ~ ㅎㅎ

좀더 연습해서 시즈쿠같은 디켄팅을 선보이겠다!음하하하하
With more practice I can showcase it like Shizuku! Eumhahahahaha

*Shizuku is a character from a comic about wine I think 

Source: Sungmin’s Blog Naver
Credits: 4inmin | Minbunny @ tumblr | RaiChanXD @ youtube
Posted by: superaffxtion.wordpress.com


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