[111005] Super Junior’s Kibum grows mustache for his new role, go behind the scenes of ‘A Tree of Deep Roots’

Producers of SBS recently went behind-the-scenes of their historical drama, ‘A Tree of Deep Roots‘, and interviewed Super Junior‘s Kim Kibum on his audition and role.

The clip starts off footage straight from his audition for the drama.  Kibum gives a brief script reading for a camera test.  The director praises back, “You were great.”

Looking back on his audition, Kibum commented, “When I first met the director, I was sick so I remember being really quiet.  I think that image influenced his decision to give me the role of ‘Park Paeng Nyun’.”

When asked to describe his character, he replied, “I’m the quiet and highly traditional side character that contrasts against ‘Sung Sam Moon’, who’s really quite the jokester and the energizer of the group.”

After revealing that he was growing out a mustache for his role, he stated, “I think viewers won’t be used to seeing this side of me.   But I’m sure they’ll get used to it after seeing me three or four more times.  I’ve been tweeting pictures and whatnot to help ease the image transition.”

Credit: allkpop
Reupload & Posted by: superaffxtion.wordpress.com


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