[111006] Suzy sings “Goodbye Heechul” on ‘Radio Star’

miss A‘s Suzy serenaded Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul with a hilarious song before he enlisted with the military.

October 5th’s episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘ aired a “Goodbye Heechul” special, and to commemorate the event, Suzy improvised miss A’s “Good Bye Baby” to “Good Bye Heechul”, changing the lyrics to fit his situation.

As she sang, Heechul sputtered “You’re so evil! So evil!” as he laughed along with the studio. Check out the hilarious video clip below, as well as the translated lyrics!

Goodbye Heechul goodbye
Just turn around and go to bootcamp
Don’t say a word
Now it’s time for you to disappear
Heechul goodbye

You’re too old to be my ‘oppa’
But you insisted on being called one
I should have known
When you persisted
Asking to take pictures together

You can tell them you’re a friend of mine
Don’t worry
I even signed some photos
So don’t worry no more

Goodbye Heechul goodbye
It’s been fun
I’ll pretend that you and I are close
So it’s time to say goodbye

No more need to call you ‘oppa’
‘Uncle’, goodbye

Source + Photos: Financial News via Nate | allkpop
Posted by: superaffxtion.wordpress.com


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