[111007] Super Junior, first to surpass 300,000 copies of albums sold this year

Group Super Junior is the first to surpass an album sales of 300,000 copies this year.

On the 7th (of October), according to the Gaon Charts, Super Junior’s official 5th album ‘Mr. Simple’ has set a cumulative sales record of 318,669 copies.

Retaining their popularity, Super Junior clinched the second place (on the charts) through the album sales of their repackaged album for the month of September. The first place was taken by Kara’s third album ‘Step’, which sold a total of 97,667 copies.

Super Junior’s album sales for the month of September only showed a slight difference of 457 copies when compared to the album sales of the first-placed Kara. Also, Super Junior who came out as first on the album charts for the month of August with their 5th album ‘Mr. Simple’, which sold nearly 287, 000 copies last month*, has sold another 31,242 copies and is ranked 4th. Through this, their 5th album has surpassed a total of 310,000 copies.

Third place was occupied by Infinite’s 1st special repackaged album ‘Paradise’, selling 34,704 copies. Sung Sikyung, who came back with his 7th album ‘The First’, came out in 5th place, selling a total of 30,077 copies.

* For the month of August.

Source: OSEN
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Please take out with full and proper credits.
Do not add your names or blog addresses to the credits if only copying and pasting.

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