[111017] Leeteuk reflects on his new role as MC on ‘Star King’

Boom and Super Junior leader Leeteuk recently took over as the hosts of ‘Star King‘ after Kang Ho Dong made his widely publicized departure earlier this month.

The first episode of ‘Star King’ with Leeteuk and Boom hit a surprising 10% viewer ratings. When Lee Teuk was intervewied about the episode, he stated, “Before the day of recording, I could not sleep at all. I think I read the script about ten times more than usual. I felt like I was debuting again. Then I remembered the words of Kang Ho Dong hyung-nim. He had taught me to always treat the guests with respect and make them the stars of the show.”

Kang Ho Dong leaving the show had made Lee Teuk realize how important of a figure he was.

He continued,

“I have been with ‘Star King’ for four years. The recording hours were long and there were always some unexpected events. Leading the show and being on the show was not easy. However, things that are harder to learn and endure always leave good things in the end. When Super Junior was on the Asia tour, there was a time when I performed for three days in a row and came to a twelve hour recording for ‘Star King’. Because I endured those times I feel like I was given this golden opportunity. I am very happy for myself and hope to show everyone how well I can do this!”

Source: Star News via Nate | allkpop
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