[111017] Siwon’s fans buy food for the ‘Poseidon’ cast

Fans expressed their love and encouragement towards Super Junior‘s Siwon on the set of his latest film series.

Choi Siwon, who is acting in KBS‘s ‘Poseidon‘, burst into a big smile after hearing from the producers that fans had prepared a meal in honor of him. On October 14th, in a studio at Paju, Gyeonggi-do, a dinner for a hundred people was prepared for the crew and stars,

Fan club members also presented a placard as a present after consulting with Siwon’s agency, SM Entertainment. Using Siwon’s character in the drama, the fans wrote the message, ‘Coast Guard Kim Sun Woo shoots!‘.

The staff responded with, “During the outdoors filming, the young devotion is much more than the rice menu we meet.” Choi Siwon also showed his appreciated with, “I am always thankful for the fans’ devotion.

Source: Sports Korea via Nate | allkpop
Posted by: superaffxtion.wordpress.com

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