[111021] Super Junior becomes first character of Boom Shake

Super Junior became the first character of the artist version of “Boom Shake,” a rhythm action game.

The artist version of “Boom Shake,” released by mobile contents service company dooub Co., Ltd., is a game created in a specific artist’s concept coming along with the artist’s songs only, which is different from the previous version played with songs of several artists.

Accordingly, “Super Junior Shake” with Super Junior as its concept will be soon released worldwide. As Super Junior’s music can be met through playing the game, it is expected to attract global game users’ attention.

dooub Co., Ltd. said, “we are expecting to draw a lot of attention from global game users including the fans of Super Junior by providing with unique and fun elements in this game. We also tried to get closer to the global users by providing 13 languages.”

They added, “starting with the artists of SM Entertainment, the artist version of ‘Book Shake’ is expected to be a new business model for K-pop artists and a new channel to communicate with global fans, and it will be developed as a new platform for the cultural industry.”

Source: TV Report | eternalc2h
Posted by: superaffxtion.wordpress.com


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