[111021] SUJU, meeting gamers worldwide through Super Junior Shake

SUJU has been chosen as Mobile Contens Service Company dooub’s Rhythm Action game series “Boom Shake” artist version’s main lead.

The Smartphone game “Boom Shake” Artist Version, uses artist’s music in this fun-natured game as a different source to promote, by merely using singers music and keeping with the artist’s concept to create this game.

For SUJU to be the main promotors for “Super Junior Shake”, it immediately will begin it’s launch of it’s service around the world, SUJU’s concert, using a game method, will meet with the crowd, this has also gathered the concern and expectation of gamers all around the world.

Dooub’s has expressed: “By using a rarely seen but interesting factor of celebrities fans and gamer’s by working towards passion. Another support is using 13 different languages, to try and become closer to the worlds gamers. TO begin with SM Entertainments artist’s “Boom Shake” artist version, in a while it will become KPOP’s new method of profit, but it will also be a method for Fans to communicate with the Hallyu Wave’s to continue their support, and also a new story and a platform for the industry to develop.”

Furthermore, on November the 19th and 20th, at daytime, SUJU will be at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena kicking off the Super Junior World Tour “Super Show 4″.

Source: Newsen
Chinese Translation: X-SHIPING at onlysj13
English Translation: rikeeme for Super-Legacy.com
Shared by: D E A for Super-Legacy.com
Posted by: superaffxtion.wordpress.com


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