[111026] MTV Taiwan Chooses Heechul As #1 Male Idol with Sexiest Lips

Not even the army seems to be able to stop Super Junior‘s Heechul‘s influence from reaching all sectors of the world! Despite the star currently being away on his mandatory military service, Heechul’s still topping charts and polls, as he was recently voted the #1 idol with the sexiest lips by MTV Taiwan!

Coming in at top with a total of 929 votes, MTV officials explained, “As expected, Kim Heechul has taken first place. We agree that his lips are sexy, especially when he’s crossdressing!”

Kim Heechul made waves with his Lady HeeHee parody of Lady Gaga at the “Super Show,” shocking and delighting many fans left and right. The image transformation earned him a spot on the “male idols with the most beautiful legs” list on a recent episode of Mnet‘s “Gossip House.”

Heechul’s charms seem to reach far and wide, however, as approved by his ranking on MTV Taiwan.

Does everyone agree?

Source: MTV Taiwan | soompi
Posted by: superaffxtion.wordpress.com


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