[111030] Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” grabs top spot on Taiwan’s KKBOX chart for 11 consecutive weeks

As widely publicized by the media and also Super Junior members themselves, the group achieved an unbelievable record of staying at the number one spot on Taiwan’s KKBOX weekly chart for 63 consecutive weeks with their previous title song, “Bonamana.” KKBOX is the largest music website in Taiwan and thus its charts provide strong evidence of artists’ popularity level. Super Junior has expressed gratitude towards Taiwanese ELFs’ efforts in helping them achieve the record, and also hope that the streak will continue with “Mr. Simple” eventually breaking the record achieved by “Bonamana.”

It appears that Super Junior’s message has been heard by all Taiwanese fans, as “Mr. Simple” has now been at the number one spot on the KKBOX chart for 11 consecutive weeks! Ever since over-taking “Bonamana” during the week of August 20th, “Mr. Simple” has been going strong on the charts, only occasionally giving up the number one spot on the daily charts for short periods of time before regaining the top spot.

Including the record achieved by “Bonamana,” Super Junior has now been occupying the number one spot for an amazing 74 consecutive weeks. The group’s “A-Cha” and “Superman” are occupying the number three and number four spot, respectively. Meanwhile, “Bonamana” is still holding strong at number six.

However, with some strong recent and upcoming comebacks, Super Junior is expected to face some tough competition over the next few weeks. In particular, Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” has been released on KKBOX two weeks ago and climbed up to second place this week. Do you think Super Junior will be able to set another record with “Mr. Simple?”

Source: KKBOX | koreaboo
Posted by: superaffxtion.wordpress.com

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