[111101] Super Junior’s Eunhyuk doesn’t drink alcohol due to promise with JYJ’s Junsu

On the October 31st broadcast of ‘Come to Play‘, Eunhyuk of Super Junior revealed that he has been friends with JYJ‘s Junsu since elementary school, which has curbed important personal decisions in his life. The guests were discussing their drinking habits, and Eunhyuk confessed has never consumed a single glass of alcohol in his entire life.

Host Yoo Jae Suk asked Eunhyuk, “How is your alcohol tolerance? Do you have any drinking habits?”

Eunhyuk replied, “I don’t drink alcohol. I’ve been friends with Junsu since elementary school. We both dreamed of being singers since we were young. We both made a promise back then. I told Junsu, ‘Since we’re going to be singers, let’s not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes,’ and he happily agreed.”

Fans who viewed the show commented, “I guess his secret to looking young was no drinking or smoking,” “I never knew that he and Junsu have been friends since elementary school,” and, “I hope you continue to keep your promise, and your friendship lasts.”

Source: TV Daily via Nate | allkpop
Posted by: superaffxtion.wordpress.com


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