[111104] KM’s Melvin Brown visits SJ’s Siwon on Poisedon set

The CEO of Konvict Muzik, Melvin Brown, is in Korea these days.  He recently visited Choi Siwon at the set of ‘Poseidon‘. This news came into light via Brown and Siwon’s conversation on Twitter.

Siwon wrote, “It is very good time :) with Melvin Brown“. Melvin also tweeted and told fans that he is on set with Siwon, “At drama tv set with Siwon

Their conversation went on when Siwon thanked Melvin for coming Korea, as he wrote, “Thanks for visit our set bro, and hope you have good time in Korea” to which Melvin replied, “Welcome, love Korea

Melvin Brown is the CEO of famous record label ‘Konvict Muzik’. He had worked with renowned singers likeLady Gaga, French Montana, Brick and Lace, Colby O’Dones.. etc. His visit to Poseidon’s set is raising many questions in people’s mind that Siwon or SJ may be the next singers to work with ‘Konvict Muzik’?

People who know Melvin and K-pop replied to their tweets, “Wow!! Melvin you met Siwon, you’re lucky man”, “Are you going to work with Siwon or Super Junior??”, “you look handsome Siwon”

Source: @siwon407 & @KONVICTCEO | Korea.com
Posted by: superaffxtion.wordpress.com


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