[111106] Eunhyuk Twitter Update: Here we go SuJu!!!!

6년이다!!!!!!! 그냥 그렇게 흘러 온 시간, 악을 쓰고 기를 써서 버텨 온 시간, 우리가 만들어 온 시간, 이제 다시 시작 할 시간!! 슈주간다!!!! http://twitpic.com/7bdom7


6 years!!!!!!! the time that just had just flown, the time that we endured clenching our teeth and did our best to make every effort, the time we’ve been making together, now it’s time to start all over again!! Here we go SuJu!!!! http://twitpic.com/7bdom7

Source: @AllRiseSilver
Translated by: @TwELFs
Posted by: superaffxtion.wordpress.com


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