[120502] Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, & Boom bicker for the MC position on ‘Strong Heart’

Super Junior member Eunhyuk revealed his ambition to become an MC on ‘Strong Heart‘.

During the latest epsiode, Eunhyuk stated, “There are three things that I want to accomplish this year.  The first is to buy my parents a house, and I recently did that.

He continued, “In my 27 years of life I have never had a drop of alcohol.  The second thing I wanted to do this year is have a drink with my fellow members.  I recently accomplished this by having a drink with my members after a concert in Paris.

I checked two things off of my list.  The third thing I want to do is become an MC on ‘Strong Heart’.

Upon hearing this Boom exclaimed, “Hey, we are all waiting in line here.  I will take over in 5 years, then Leeteuk will do it in 10 years, and then Eunhyuk can be the MC in 15 years.

Disregarding what Boom said, Eunhyuk explained his right to become the next MC, stating, “All the MC’s of ‘Strong Heart’ had the surname Lee (Lee Seung Gi and Lee Dong Wook).  My real name is Lee Hyuk Jae.”

Leeteuk fired back, “I’m Leeteuk!“, and Boom also argued, “My real name is Lee Min Ho!“, causing everyone to laugh over the three’s hilarious bickering.

Source:TV Daily via Nate | allkpop
Posted by: superaffxtion.worpress.com


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