[120518] Which members do Sungmin and Jessica have cute complaints about?

On May 18th, GirlsGeneration‘s JessicaSuper Junior‘s Sungmin, and f(x)‘s Luna made a guest-appeareance on tvN‘s ‘TAXI‘.

In this episode, MC Lee Young Ja asked Jessica, “Out of all the members, which member fits in the least well?“, to which Jessica confessed that it was the maknae, Seohyun. “The members all eat and enjoy food like snacks and hamburgers, but Seohyun will only eat the things she packed herself like vegetables, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes,” she explained.

To this, Sungmin humorously added, “If you put it that way, then all our members fit in well. We have cheap tastes, so we will gobble up anything that you throw at us,” causing the cast to laugh.

Sungmin then went on to reveal the member he believed to be the one that doesn’t fit in with the group as well as the rest by stating, “Yesung has to sing a lot of high parts so he starts warming up his throat in the car in the morning when we are driving around to go to our schedules. We are all tired so we try to sleep, but it’s difficult because he keeps making loud noises.” This prompted Jessica to add, “Seohyun is the same. She’ll turn on music and keep singing along to it, but she is our baby so it’s cute“.

Source: Star Today via Nate | allkpop
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