[120527] Henry Lau with Datuk Seri Michelle Yeoh for ‘Cooktales’ (1p)

Michelle’s new film, Cooktales (working title), started filming in Bangkok, Thailand in the middle of April.

Set in Singapore, the story is written and directed by South Korea’s writer-director Gina Kim (Never Forever). The project was first announced at AFM in November 2010. The production was planned to begin last summer in Singapore and China before Michelle’s busy promotional tour on her latest film The Lady. It got postponed to this year because the director fell sick before the scheduled shooting.

In recent interviews Michelle said the film is a family drama and about cooking. Personal differences break apart a family of three generations and cooking brings them back together. Singaporean actor Chin Han (The Dark Knight) and Chinese Canadian singer-songwriter-dancer Henry Lau will play father and son. Other cast members include Hong Kong actor Chang Tseng (2012), Australian actor Aden Young (Mao’s Last Dancer), Japanese model and actress Lika Minamoto, Korean American actor and comedian Bobby Lee (MADtv), and Broadway actress Lori Tan Chinn. Some of the main and supporting actors were in Bangkok in March, learning cooking in preparation for the shooting.

Michelle’s character in the film is described as an “executive producer on a prestigious television cooking show” and “culinary grand master”. More relationships will be revealed as we learn more about the story. The film is being shot in English.

Source: michelleyeoh.info
Posted by: superaffxtion.worpress.com

OMG! Henry is acting with Datuk Seri Michelle Yeoh!!! For those who don’t really know who is she, she is an actress from Malaysia. She acted in many international films like ‘The Lady’, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, ‘ Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ etc. 🙂

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