[120531] Super Junior’s Sungmin and J-Min to act in musical “Jack The Ripper”

Super Junior’s member Sungmin and SM Entertainment’s female singer J-Min will act together in the musical “Jack The Ripper”, showing off their mesmerizing good looks.

The musical “Jack The Ripper” which Sungmin and J-Min are going to act in, is based on the story of the notorious Jack The Ripper in 1888, it became the representing musical of Korea after being first performed in 2009. In the musical this time, Sungmin acts as the character Daniel who starts a dangerous transaction for the woman he loves whereas J-Min is planned to act as the woman who has the highest charm in Daniel’s eyes – Gloria.

Sungmin especially, who has been acting as Daniel for 2 years have shown the growing maturity as a musical actor. J-Min on the other hand, participated SMTOWN concert and SMTOWN winter album. While singing OSTs for “Wild Romance’, “God of rain’ and ‘Pitcher King’ etc has shown a charismatic voice and powerful singing skills. “Jack The Ripper” will be her first musical to show off to the public the other charismatic side of her.

The musical “Jack The Ripper” will start on July 20 at the National Theatre of Korea. Casts includes Sungmin, J-Min, Yoo Joon Sang, An Jae Wook.

Source: Sportsworld
Korean to Chinese Translation: 十九儿
Chinese to English Translation: yourblacksmile @ perMINent.net
Posted by: superaffxtion.worpress.com

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