[120601] Hangeng exudes charisma with military uniform, new album to be released in July

A recent black-white photoshoot with Hangeng showed him donned in military style clothes with hats tilting at different angles. This is the concept for the music industry in the year 2012.

Since debut, Hangeng has been going for the vibrant, healthy image. Being born and bred from the North-eastern region, Hangeng’s father, a military officer, have greatly influenced him with the courage and loyalty that most military personnel possess, and he hoped that all these traits would be seen on him, distinguishing him from the rest.

After the filming of “The Kingdom” last year, Hangeng has been devoting himself with his second album, from the production to the recording, filming of MV as well as designing the posters, Hangeng have been striving to do his best to produce an avant-garde album with his passion and attitude towards music. To coincide with the concert together with the release of the album for a more memorable experience with fans, the photobook, album and concert will follow the theme for 2012.

Hangeng’s first stop for his concert will be in Beijing on the 28 of July, where his second album will be released all the same.

Source: ent.163.com
Translated by: ミ mholic ★ and shared by: Blue★Princez @sj-world.net
Posted by: superaffxtion.worpress.com

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