[121128] Shin Dong Yup ‘protects’ Eunhyuk regarding IU scandal on ‘Hello’

Shin Dong Yup sent a sympathetic look to Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk, while hinting at the scandal he recently had with IU.

On November 26th’s airing of ‘Hello‘, the other celebrity guests shared what their concerns were and when it was Eunhyuk’s turn, Shin Dong Yup sent him a sympathetic look while patting Eunhyuk’s shoulder. Shin Dong Yup then ended with, “Well~” but then another guest asked, “Why didn’t you ask Eunhyuk?” To this Shin Dong Yup humorously responded, “What’s the need to ask?

Eunhyuk, who had a recent scandal with IU, just smiled with an awkward expression.

Shin Dong Yup’s ‘protection’ of Eunhyuk did not stop there. Lee Young Ja said, “I need someone to play the boyfriend”and asked Eunhyuk for help, but to this Shin Dong Yup said, “What are you talking about? Someone else do it.” So Sungmin acted out the part of the boyfriend.

Earlier this month, Eunhyuk and IU had a scandal when a photo of the two was accidentally uploaded onto Twitter.

Source: allkpop
Posted by: superaffxtion.worpress.com


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