[130521] ‘Function Girls’ f(x), a Comeback During the First Half of the Year Unlikely…Predicted for Late July


f(x) has a comeback ahead of them in late July, rather than in June when girl groups are pouring out.

An agency representative spoke with a source on the 21st and explained, “A comeback during this first half of the year appears difficult for f(x). We are at the peak of album production for a comeback during the second half of the year.”

After the release of Electric Shock in June of last year, they have been resting from promotions for a year. Different from the LTE speed with which most girl groups make comebacks, they are having a hiatus period of at least a year. Fans are waiting for a teaser or another spoiler to be released day by day as they anxiously await f(x)’s comeback.

The representative also stated, “There is no concrete concept that has been decided on for the next album. Just because it’s summer does not mean that they will come out with light music.”

SM Entertainment started off with Girls’ Generation at the beginning of the year, and with the album releases by SHINee and EXO as well it appears that f(x) will follow up.

f(x) is currently focusing on solo activities, with Amber active as MC on MBC Music’s Show Champion and Luna appearing in High School Musical beginning this July.

Source: Isplus
Translated by: 0wonhee @ iheartfx.com
Posted by: superaffxtion.worpress.com

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