[130522] Krystal’s Interview with 1st Look Magazine (May 2013 Issue)

f(x)’s Krystal, who has just now turned twenty years old, glowed with a girlish beauty. As much as designer Lee Myung-shin’s dress, which she picked as judge on On Style’s Project All Star. Within the picture, she has on yet another face that is neither an idol nor a girl who has just turned twenty.

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“Rather than showy styling, I actually think that it’s better to dress down one. Relaxing the strength. Like instead of wearing earrings, a bracelet, a hat, and a scarf, wear just one as an accent. I think that looks the coolest and most stylish.”

Girl group f(x)’s Krystal became a judge on On Style’s Project Runway Korea All Star (herein referred to as Project All Star). Five designers, consisting of Lee Myung-shin, Yoon Sae-na, Jung Mi-young, Hwang Jae-geun, and Im Jae-yoon, created feather dresses for her and she herself judged them. For her final selection, Krystal picked designer Lee Myung-shin’s mini dress with its impressive colorful feathers and corset details. Although she usually doesn’t enjoy showy styles, she wanted to become a bit more daring through the photo shoot and it matched her well. Krystal, wearing designer Lee Myung-shin’s feather dress and standing in front of the camera, was not the same girl we have seen up until now. There was yet another face there, one which was not that of an idol or a girl who has just turned twenty years old. And so, it can be said like this. This meeting, which must have been a type of challenge for both Project All Star and her, was quite successful.

You shot a pictorial wearing the winning piece of the ninth episode of Project All Star today. Is the photo shoot to your liking?
I was worried slightly because it’s my first attempt at this concept. I tried to express looking a bit mysterious as well as give off a strong feel to the maximum, but…. I’m not sure how many points I can give myself. (laughter) And when I saw the dress on the runway the length seemed just right, maybe because the model was tall, but it was slightly too long when I wore it. I thought, “Bah, a model really is a model.”

What is the reason you chose designer Lee Myung-shin’s piece out of the five dresses?
When I imagined shooting a pictorial, I thought that it would come out looking the coolest and prettiest. Because to start with, it mixes in several colors. And out of that, the bust and neck areas that were decorated with yellow feathers were to my liking. I liked those minor details. And in addition, this outfit isn’t an absolutely feminine style. I thought that there was a strength to it somewhere, and so received the feeling that she made it to match me well.

Which piece was most to your liking aside from designer Lee Myung-shin’s?
The long green dress designer Lee Jae-yoon made for me. I kept deliberating over which of the two pieces to choose.

It must have been the first time you judged clothes someone designed, it must not have been easy.
When I was judging I really couldn’t bring myself to speak. Come on, what could I really be the judge of. (laughter) I didn’t think that it was good etiquette to make criticisms of clothes which the designers lost sleep over and worked hard to make.

It’s extremely showy, as it’s made of feathers. You don’t seem like you would enjoy wearing this type of style in your everyday life.
I tend not to wear clothes with showy colors. It’s okay to be showy on stage, but in my everyday life I like everything to be simple. I like simplicity so much that even my room doesn’t contain much furniture.

When choosing clothes you must not adhere strictly to the trends then.
I don’t at all. Because I choose items of basic designs. Of course, I do like clothes but I don’t think I’m a fashion person. If I wear it and it suits me, then ding! (laughter) I think that if I dress to my liking, then it can look pretty to others as well.

Isn’t appearing to dress with sense even without deliberate styling a difficult thing in itself?
Rather than showy styling, I actually think that it’s better to dress down one. Relaxing the strength. Like instead of wearing earrings, a bracelet, a hat, and a scarf, wear just one as an accent. I think that looks the coolest and most stylish.

So then you must want to make more daring attempts in photo shoots or f(x) performances.
Since I typically don’t do bling bling styles in everyday life, I feel happy when I put drape on an item like that on stage or during a photo shoot. A lot of people think that I enjoy wearing showy clothes in my everyday life. Like neon colored items. (laughter) But in reality I’m not like that.

By any chance is there a style you want to attempt for f(x)’s concept?
It’s hard to pick one in particular since there are so many styles I want to try; rather, the styles that would be difficult for me to attempt are the ones that are clear-cut. Between the members we always say, “Hey, it would probably be cringe worthy if we wore one-piece dresses and heels and did an innocent concept, right? Let’s not.” It must be because none of us particularly like dressy or girlish styles. It’s okay for different shoots, but we don’t want to release an album with that concept. Since we haven’t been a group that only dances girlish dances, when new choreography is being created and it has that type of part we all worry, “Isn’t this too girlish?”

Everyone clearly understands f(x)’s identity.
I like taking on new challenges, but I don’t want to lose f(x)’s own unique color. Because we dance a lot of complicated and strong choreography, that becomes a differentiating aspect between us and other teams and I don’t want to lose that.

It must have felt like f(x)’s style was being acknowledged when you won the Best Dance & Electronic Song award at the 2013 Korea Music Awards.
At first there were a lot of opinions that our color was too difficult to understand. But because we mixed in general public appeal little by little while insisting on our style, it now has become accepted. They’re acknowledging, “Ah, so this is what f(x) is.” Rather than coming out with new music and styles and then completely changing everything because it wasn’t a success, I think it’s important to deliberate over how it can receive love while being maintained.

How did you feel when you received an invitation as the first Korean idol group to SXSW, which was held in the US? It definitely must have been different from the performances you’ve done up until then.
SXSW took place at late night/early morning at a club. People were standing right in front of the stage so we could really feel the fervor. They sang along to the music and danced and cheered a lot. Thanks to that we had fun performing even as we were dripping with sweat. With zest, really zestfully! (laughter) It really was a lot of fun. I thought, “So this is why people go to clubs.” If we have the opportunity I want to go again next year.

When the reactions are so good, don’t adlibs just come out on their own accord?
Not me. I don’t really like it when things that are established go off course, so I haven’t adlibbed once from debut until now. And since our team dances as a group there isn’t much room to do an adlib. But lately they’ve often been putting in adlibs like “Yeah~ say ho~ wow!” (laughter) Since Amber unnie raps it’s natural when she does those things, but I think it would be awkward if I did it.

Did you watch a lot of the performances of the bands from other countries?
No. We greeted and exchanged hellos with the band sunbaenims who went with us from Korea, but didn’t see the other teams at all. As soon as our performance ended we had to go to LA to shoot for Funny or Die. Did you happen to watch that? Ah, I was watching then turned it off. It was too embarrassing. (laughter)

You must have felt bashful even though you have acting experience from High Kick! The Revenge of the Short Legged.
Events that arise in sitcoms are situations that can always happen in reality. But the subject we acted out for Funny or Die was a complete conte. There’s no possibility of Anna Kendrick joining f(x), and we wouldn’t tease someone for not being able to speak Korean. But acting while keeping in mind that it was all just fake was actually helpful in adapting.

Among the members, who do you think acted the most naturally and cleverly?
Me! (laughter) No, rather than having done well, Amber unnie and I had a lot of lines because we can converse in English. But teasing Anna Kendrick or ordering her around all became my load. Well, I coolly did it thinking, “This time I’m the villain.”

I heard that you practiced the choreography for your new album with famous choreographer Kevin Maher in LA.
I worried a lot because it was our first time working with Kevin Maher. I wondered what we would do if the choreography was hard and difficult or if it didn’t match us well. But that was all for nothing. We had fun working, like we were receiving dance lessons. We ended up working harder because it was a method we were newly learning.

Truthfully, when you prepare a new album you have to familiarize yourself with certain aspects that are different from what you’ve done up until that point. You must not feel much fear or burden about that.
It’s the most fun when we’re preparing a new album. I like the process of filming a music video with a new concept and recording new songs. And on top of that, when we shoot for the album jacket the photographer comes and takes photos while we just do anything. He takes photos even when we’re not preparing. When we’re free and uninhibited, so to speak? I must get easily tired of things. (laughter) Anyway, because f(x) is a team that can try this or that and everything, promoting is more fun.

But from debut until now, it doesn’t seem like your style has changed much. Is there a style you want to try out?
I want to try having short hair, try cutting bangs, and I’m curious about a shaved head as well. I’ve thought about, “How would I look without hair?” (laughter) Since I’ve always maintained my hair at this length there are times when I get tired of long straight hair. But the people in my vicinity tell me, “Don’t get bangs and don’t cut your hair short. Just dye it.” They must think that long hair suits me best.

You debuted when you were a middle school student, and now you’ve become an adult. Is there anything that’s changed during that time?
I really can’t tell. Truthfully, I liked being in my teens so much that I really didn’t want to enter my twenties… (laughter) Even though the first number of my age has become a two there isn’t anything that’s actually changed. But the people around me keep asking how it feels to have turned twenty. I always answer, “It doesn’t feel much different.” I don’t have anything to say. Since other than getting my driver’s license, there wasn’t anything I particularly wanted to do once I turned twenty.

There are times when you feel the transformation when you see the behavior of those around you change, rather than your own changes.
That’s right. Not too long ago I went to eat at an Italian restaurant with (Jessica) unnie. Unnie said she wanted a glass of wine and ordered, but then she asked me too. At that point I thought, “I really have become an adult. They’re giving me a wineglass.”

You were treated as a twenty year old adult.
By international age I’m still eighteen! (laughter)

Source: 1st Look
Translated by: 0wonhee @ iheartfx.com
Posted by: superaffxtion.worpress.com


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