[140709] f(x)’s Victoria Spills Her Thoughts On Marriage, Age and More

f(x)’s Victoria shared her honest thoughts on marriage on broadcast.

July 8’s broadcast of On Style’s Jessica & Krystal featured f(x)’s Krystal, Victoria and Luna enjoying a steak dinner together after performing on their comeback stage.

While enjoying their dinner, the f(x) members naturally began talking about the time they made their debut.

Krystal said to Victoria, “You’re getting old now. When you first entered (the company), you really were at your blossoming age. Am I going to be at your age soon?” as she expressed her surprise at how quickly time passes.

Krystal said, “You have to get married now,” and Victoria answered, “I don’t think I can get married. I have a really picky personality. I’m not a perfectionist but if I don’t like something then I have to say it.”

Krystal agreed by saying, “You have to marry someone who is willing to listen to everything you say,” and Victoria commented, “I don’t think there’s anyone like that out there.”


Victoria continued to share, “All my close school friends are married now. One even had a baby. I’m envious, to be honest. One thing I don’t like about my career is that I don’t know how ordinary people my age live their lives.”

She confessed, “I started wondering since last year, ‘If I hadn’t become a celebrity, what would I be doing at this age, at this moment? What is normal for a 27 or 28 year olds to be doing, thinking or living their lives?’”

Victoria also expressed her loneliness of living abroad by saying, “You guys have family here but I don’t even have my school friends or friends my age. All the people I know are other celebrities.”

Krystal said, “You don’t even know that many celebrities. We always tell you, ‘Call us when you want to hang out’ (but you don’t even do that). I think you’re used to being alone since you’ve been living alone in Korea from a young age.”

Victoria agreed, “I think it’s become a habit. I could always text you guys, ‘Are you free now?’ but habitually, I never think about contacting anyone.”

Luna also expressed her sympathy saying, “I think you’ve naturally become like that since you began your career at a young age.”

Source: Mwave
Posted by: superaffxtion.worpress.com


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