[140828] Super Junior Spills on Entering Tenth Year Since Its Debut


Super Junior shared its determination as it entered its 10th year since its debut.

Super Junior attended the press conference for 7th full-length album Mamacita on August 28 at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Nonhyeon-dong.

Leeteuk said, “Each time we prepare a new album, our biggest concern has been on deciding how we should present ourselves and with what song. As I talked with the members, we decided not to fall into mannerisms and to not delude ourselves.”

He continued, “Super Junior will be entering its 10th year since our debut. If we include our trainee years, it has been 15 years. Since it has been a long time, I was worried that we might be closing our ears off to others. So we put together a lot of advice from people around us. I think we participated more in this album than any others.”

He also said, “Before, it was important for us to win first place and win daesang (grand prize) and even though I still think that way, I realized that happiness comes from working together with the Super Junior members and staff members. Now my biggest goal is to enjoy working in a delightful way.”

About the reason that Super Junior could last ten years as an idol group, he answered, “We fought a lot too but as that piled up over time, we came to share love and loyalty with each other. I think we will be spending more time together than what we’ve already spent.”

Kangin said, “Even though we’re an idol group entering our 10th year, we still live together. Even our hubae singers get shocked by this. I think living together also contributes to the reason we could be together for a long time.”

Shindong said, “We became more understanding towards one another. Since we know each other’s personality, we are more thoughtful and considerate towards one another, which is the reason we could be together for a long time.”

Super Junior’s new title song Mamacita is a urban new jack swing genre track featuring drum and piano sounds based on percussion rhythm.

The 7th album will be released online on August 29 and offline on September 1.

Source: Mwave
Posted by: superaffxtion.worpress.com


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