[140828] Super Junior Would Rather Get Beaten by EXO than Any Other Group


Super Junior responded to a question asking if the group feels threatened by its junior group, EXO.

Super Junior attended the press conference for its 7th album Mamacita on August 28 in Gangnam Imperial Palace.

During the press conference, MC Jun Hyun Moo asked, “Among many groups, there’s EXO but don’t you actually feel threatened by it?”

Leeteuk answerd, “Can’t the fans like more than one group? More than feeling threatened, I felt good.”

He continued, “When EXO debuted, I hosted the showcase. When I saw EXO winning first place in the army, I felt even happier. No one can eternally be in first place or last place. I think what is more important is not seeing who wins or loses but to enjoy promoting together and spreading our names globally,” then he said to Jun Hyun Moo, “But since we’re sunbaes, we hope that you treat us a bit better,” causing a round of laughter.

Eunhyuk said, “If we lose our place, we would feel threatened but EXO and we are both walking our own paths. It’s a win-win path for both of our groups.”

Kangin then caught attention by saying, “If we are to be beaten, it’d be better to be beaten by our company’s junior group EXO than any other.”

Super Junior will be revealing all songs in the 7th album on August 29. The album Mamacita contains a total of 10 tracks of various genres.

Source: Mwave
Posted by: superaffxtion.worpress.com


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