Super Junior


superaffxtion.wordpress.com is a fan site for bot SUPER JUNIOR & f(x). It provides the latest news and media on the talented groups SUPER JUNIOR & f(x). We are no way affiliated with SM Entertainment, SUPER JUNIOR & f(x). We are simply fans. The information from our site comes from multiple sources, other fan sites and also official SUPER JUNIOR & f(x) sites. Our authors take their time to find good and reliable sites to share the information here. Our Rules:
1. Please DO NOT HOTLINK THE PICTURES. It takes us a long time to find and then re-upload them on this site, so we would appreciate it if everyone could save and re-upload the images themselves or else the pictures will disappear. 2. Please CREDIT correctly. At the bottom of each of our posts, there is a "CREDITS" part. Please do not remove those credits and add your own. If we don't credit a post that belongs to YOU correctly, please contact us with the correct information. 3. Please DO NOT MODIFY ARTICLES! Unless, it is spelling or grammar errors, please do not change the articles by adding false or unconfirmed information in it. 4. BASHING AND/OR CURSING IS NOT ALLOWED! It doesn't matter whether it is towards Super Junior, other artists, or our authors; all comments in that manner will be deleted from our site. We will not tolerate any of it. 5. Please DO NOT DEMAND, ESPECIALLY FOR ENGLISH SUBS or DOWNLOADS. We have more information to cover than we do staff members, so we can only do so much. The more people demand (in a negative way), the more we are unlikely to do it.

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