[HQ] ‘Super Girl’ The 1st Mini Album Official Pictures (2009) – Super Junior M (4p)

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Dimensions: 1280 x 1024


Dimensions: 2096 x 1614


Dimensions: 1500 x 1000
Super Junior M with Girls’ Generation’s Jessica at Super Girl MV Set


Dimensions: 1386 x 924
Blue Tomorrow MV Set

[HQ | Full Episodes] Explorers of the Human Body (E.H.B) – Super Junior

Credit: sjytul @ dailymotion

Episode 1: Tongue & Eyes >> Click HERE

Episode 2: Stomach >> Click HERE

Episode 3: Strength (Part 1) >> Click HERE

Episode 4: Strength (Part 2) >> Click HERE

Episode 5: Laughter >> Click HERE

Episode 6: Balance >> Click HERE

Episode 7: Flexibility >> Click HERE

Episode 8: Tears >> Click HERE

Episode 9: Reflexes (Part 1) with TVXQ >> Click HERE

Episode 10: Reflexes (Part 2) with TVXQ >> Click HERE

Episode 11: Archery >> Click HERE

Episode 12: Breathing Underwater >> Click HERE

Episode 13: Dogs’ Sense of Smell >> Click HERE

[120601] Hangeng exudes charisma with military uniform, new album to be released in July

A recent black-white photoshoot with Hangeng showed him donned in military style clothes with hats tilting at different angles. This is the concept for the music industry in the year 2012.

Since debut, Hangeng has been going for the vibrant, healthy image. Being born and bred from the North-eastern region, Hangeng’s father, a military officer, have greatly influenced him with the courage and loyalty that most military personnel possess, and he hoped that all these traits would be seen on him, distinguishing him from the rest.

After the filming of “The Kingdom” last year, Hangeng has been devoting himself with his second album, from the production to the recording, filming of MV as well as designing the posters, Hangeng have been striving to do his best to produce an avant-garde album with his passion and attitude towards music. To coincide with the concert together with the release of the album for a more memorable experience with fans, the photobook, album and concert will follow the theme for 2012.

Hangeng’s first stop for his concert will be in Beijing on the 28 of July, where his second album will be released all the same.

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Fan Army FTW – VOTE for SUPER JUNIOR!!!!

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The fans have spoken! Admirers of South Korean boy band Super Junior hit our nomination page HARD over the course of one week, campaigning for their dedicated following to be added to the Fan Army FTW category.  Their moniker, “ELF,” stands for Ever Lasting Friends, which we think is pretty fitting. With friends like these, your enemies are totally toast.

Source: O Music Awards

[120517] Netizen ranks idol stars according to variety show skills

A recent post on an online community board ranking idol stars on their variety show appeal is drawing attention from fans.

Idol Variety Show Rank“, the post read, and the top three spots in the upper rank were seized by Super Juniorg.o.d, and Girls’ Generation.

The netizen wrote, “Super Junior is the real deal when it comes to variety show entertainment, and g.o.d were the best of their time.” In regards to Girls’ Generation, the netizen wrote, “I was debating whether to put them amongst the top or the middle, but there are no female idols that perform as well on variety shows as Girls’ Generation. Even Seohyun, who is more of the EBS (educational channel) type, has middle-level entertainment skills.”

The mid-rank variety show idols included 2PM, 2AM, MBLAQT-ara, and Big Bang, while groups like SECRET, f(x), SHINee, 4minute, KARA, B2ST, miss A, and TVXQ ranked amongst the bottom.

The netizen went on to label legendary idol group Shinhwa as the ‘gods’ of entertainment television, while Wonder Girls were referred to as a ‘disaster’ when it came to variety shows. “Shinhwa is like the official textbook of variety entertainment. If idols want to be on variety shows, they need to be on par with them,” the netizen wrote, while also saying, “[Wonder Girls] have opened the hell gates of JYP when it comes to variety entertainment.”

Fellow netizens who saw the post responded with mixed reactions, stating, “Let’s just enjoy entertainment shows for what they are- entertainment“, “Shinhwa truly is the best“, “Yes, I acknowledge Shinhwa as the best“, “Don’t you think Super Junior are the gods of variety entertainment?”, and more.

The article on Nate has already received numerous comments by other netizens and fans who disagree or agree with the ranking of the individual.

What about you? Do you agree or disagree with the ranking?

Source: Newsen via Nate | allkpop
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[111106] Are Super Junior & the Brown Eyed Girls too old to be called ‘idols’?

On November 5th, Y-STAR‘s ’Curious Things‘ conducted a street survey in which they asked ordinary people about the criteria of being an idol.

According to the survey results, the average age of  idols came out to be 25 – indicating that people did not really see stars over the age of 25, as idols. Taking this into account, Y-STAR calculated the average age of various groups.

Groups such as SNSD, T-ara, and 2PM were found to have an average age of less than 25, while groups like Super Junior and Brown Eyed Girls had a higher average age.

With these results, it was concluded that Brown Eyed Girls and Super Junior should be not recognized as just ‘idols’, but rather as ‘adult idols’.

Source: Naver | allkpop
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[111106] Super Junior celebrate their 6th Anniversary & also shared their admiration for fans

It has been six years since Korean heart throb and, now, representatives of South Korea, Super Junior’s debut. Super Junior is the most familiar word globally, no doubt that they have the largest fan following.

Super Junior debut in 2005 with their first album ‘Twins‘ and since then they have given 5 hit albums viz‘Don’t Don’, ‘Sorry Sorry’,  ’Bonamana’, ‘Mr Simple‘. 6-November-2005 was the day they officially become known and this year they are celebrating their 6th Anniversary with fans through out world.

Super Junior members shared their feelings and acknowledge their fan’s love for them. Super junior’s leaderLeeteuk tweeted a sentimental message, “6-11-2005 to 6-11-2011, 6 years… Friendship, Happiness, Joy, Tears! I learned from my members, my staff and ELF, who are so precious and sweet.. Love you and Thank you!! I’ll be with you till the end…” He further wrote, “I wanted to have the world and now I have my members, my ELF and my staff, more precious than world…. Ain’t I own whole world?? I feel so grateful. I’ll return all your love…”

Choi Siwon showed his gratitude in these words, “We walked together since 6 years, Thank You so much and I hope we can walk together and be happy for the rest of the time left in our future. Thank you so much and love… Let’s celebrate our 6th Anniversary”

SJ’s vocalist Yesung wrote, “Super Junior’s 6th Anniversary.. Our beloved ELF, who always protect us and members… To all existing people of SJ.. Thank You so much”

Lee Donghae shared his feelings, “We are Super Juni-or!! Today is our 6th Anniversary.. I love you then and love you more. Please give us your love more and more….. Thank you all ELF, I love you”

SJ’s maknae Ryeowook  tweeted, “Super Junior’s 6th Anniversary since debut.. Because of all your love we could make through these 6 years.. Thank you so much.. also I am really thankful to my members.. Really love you all so much…”

SJ’s rapper Eunhyuk expressed his exhilaration in words, “6 years!! Time just flew through cries, through using our energies and not giving up… The time we all have spent together, It has start again..! Suju Fighting!!”

A large number of fans responded with cheering words, “Suju forever, we will support you till end”, “oppa you made a change in our lives, thank you”, “ELF love you…”, “6 years but Suju and ELF are still same and love each other”

Super Junior members shared their old pictures and leader Leeteuk uploaded a picture specially for this day.

Source: Super Junior’s twitter | Korea.com
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