[HQ | Full Episodes] Explorers of the Human Body (E.H.B) – Super Junior

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Episode 1: Tongue & Eyes >> Click HERE

Episode 2: Stomach >> Click HERE

Episode 3: Strength (Part 1) >> Click HERE

Episode 4: Strength (Part 2) >> Click HERE

Episode 5: Laughter >> Click HERE

Episode 6: Balance >> Click HERE

Episode 7: Flexibility >> Click HERE

Episode 8: Tears >> Click HERE

Episode 9: Reflexes (Part 1) with TVXQ >> Click HERE

Episode 10: Reflexes (Part 2) with TVXQ >> Click HERE

Episode 11: Archery >> Click HERE

Episode 12: Breathing Underwater >> Click HERE

Episode 13: Dogs’ Sense of Smell >> Click HERE

[2012 MAMA in Hong Kong] VOTE for Super Junior & f(x)!!!!

Vote for Super Junior & f(x)!

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Link 1: http://mama.interest.me/visite?s=1351749016265

Link 2: http://mama.interest.me/visite?s=1351316038192

SUPER JUNIOR is nominated in:-

Best Male Group
3. Big Bang
4. Super Junior
5. Shinhwa

Best Dance Performance (Male Group)
1. B2ST – Beautiful Night
2. SHINee – Sherlock
3. Super Junior – Sexy, Free & Single
4. MBLAQ – This is War
5. INFINITE – The Chaser

Best Global Group (Male Group)
3. B2ST
4. Big Bang
5. Super Junior

f(x) is nominated in:-

Best Dance Performance (Female Group)
1. 4Minute – Volume Up
2. f(x) – Electric Shock
3. miss A – Touch
4. Secret – Poison
5. SISTAR – Alone

Best Global Group (Female Group)
1. 2NE1
2. f(x)
3. Taetiseo (Girls′ Generation)
4. Wonder Girls

Both Super Junior & f(x) are nominated in:-

1. Song of The Year
2. Artist of The Year

Fan Army FTW – VOTE for SUPER JUNIOR!!!!

Vote HERE!

The fans have spoken! Admirers of South Korean boy band Super Junior hit our nomination page HARD over the course of one week, campaigning for their dedicated following to be added to the Fan Army FTW category.  Their moniker, “ELF,” stands for Ever Lasting Friends, which we think is pretty fitting. With friends like these, your enemies are totally toast.

Source: O Music Awards

[120527] Super Junior Kibum’s topless still cuts for ‘I Love Italy’ released

On May26th, tvN‘s upcoming drama ‘I Love Italy‘ released several new still cuts of Kibum‘s character, Geum Eun Dong.

The photos show the singer-actor flaunting his chiseled body at a pool and a youthful smile, bound to melt the hearts of many fans.

With his well-toned abs, Kibum is seen doing a powerful butterfly stroke almost resembling Olympic swimmer Park Tae Hwan.

Kibum will be taking on the role of Geum Eun Dong, a 14-year-old boy who wakes up one morning to find himself a 25-year-old man. Because his character in the drama is a swimmer, it is said that Kibum had exercised and controlled his diet for six weeks to match the role.

Kibum shared, “I used to swim when I was young so I enjoy the pool. Although it was hard trying to perfect my butterfly strokes, the filming went smoothly for I had trained to build up my stamina.

A production staff member of ‘I Love Italy’ stated, “After the release of the teaser stills of Kim Kibum at the pool, we’ve been receiving numerous inquiries such as whether the scene will be aired and which episode it is. Please watch the drama to see Kim Kibum’s various charms and appearances.”

Netizens that came across the photos commented, “He looks like Park Tae Hwan in the water“, “Which episode will this air?“, “I think my nose is going to bleed from the sexiness“, and “He looks like a professional swimmer.”

Don’t miss the premiere of ‘I Love Italy’ airing on May 28th at 11PM KST.

Source: eToday via Nate | allkpop
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[120517] Netizen ranks idol stars according to variety show skills

A recent post on an online community board ranking idol stars on their variety show appeal is drawing attention from fans.

Idol Variety Show Rank“, the post read, and the top three spots in the upper rank were seized by Super Juniorg.o.d, and Girls’ Generation.

The netizen wrote, “Super Junior is the real deal when it comes to variety show entertainment, and g.o.d were the best of their time.” In regards to Girls’ Generation, the netizen wrote, “I was debating whether to put them amongst the top or the middle, but there are no female idols that perform as well on variety shows as Girls’ Generation. Even Seohyun, who is more of the EBS (educational channel) type, has middle-level entertainment skills.”

The mid-rank variety show idols included 2PM, 2AM, MBLAQT-ara, and Big Bang, while groups like SECRET, f(x), SHINee, 4minute, KARA, B2ST, miss A, and TVXQ ranked amongst the bottom.

The netizen went on to label legendary idol group Shinhwa as the ‘gods’ of entertainment television, while Wonder Girls were referred to as a ‘disaster’ when it came to variety shows. “Shinhwa is like the official textbook of variety entertainment. If idols want to be on variety shows, they need to be on par with them,” the netizen wrote, while also saying, “[Wonder Girls] have opened the hell gates of JYP when it comes to variety entertainment.”

Fellow netizens who saw the post responded with mixed reactions, stating, “Let’s just enjoy entertainment shows for what they are- entertainment“, “Shinhwa truly is the best“, “Yes, I acknowledge Shinhwa as the best“, “Don’t you think Super Junior are the gods of variety entertainment?”, and more.

The article on Nate has already received numerous comments by other netizens and fans who disagree or agree with the ranking of the individual.

What about you? Do you agree or disagree with the ranking?

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[120511] Kim Kibum impresses with his new fit physique for drama, ‘I Love Italy’

Singer-actor Kim Kibum is making his comeback to the small screen, and netizens can’t stop talking about his new fit physique.

tvN recently released teasers for their new drama series ‘I Love Italy‘ starring Kim Kibum, and the teasers have garnered over 100,000 views on YouTube.

The teaser is drawing interest as Kim Kibum displays his youthful charm with his bashful smile, however, his newly revealed chiseled body and defined abs give him a sexier, more masculine appeal.

Netizens who came across the teaser remarked, “Back muscles, abs… sexy“, along with “Baby faced but has the body of a real man“, and “I’m so looking forward to this drama.”

You can check out all three teasers below.

Source: OSEN via Nate | allkpop
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