[120501] Super Junior claims #1 spot on Taiwanese music chart for 100 consecutive weeks

Super Junior has claimed the #1 slot on a Taiwanese music chart for 100 straight weeks.

From the first week of June 2010 to the second week of August 2011, Super Junior claimed the #1 spot on Taiwanese music chart ‘KKBOX‘ for 63 weeks straight.

Immediately after, Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” also seized the #1 spot from the third week of August 2011 until the present, for 37 weeks straight.

The boys have broken a new record, as this is the first time an artist has claimed the top spot on the KKBOX Korean Music Weekly TOP 100 Chart for 100 consecutive weeks.

We are so glad and honored to have remained at the #1 spot for 100 weeks straight,” the members said. “Even we think this is very surprising, and we would like to once again thank our fans.”

In related news, Super Junior’s ‘Super Show 4‘ is well underway, and the boys will be performing at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on May 12th and 13th for 100,000 of their local fans.

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[120413] Super Junior sets record with their album sales

Super Junior‘s 5th album ‘Mr. Simple‘ has set a record for selling over 500,000 copies.

According to Gaon on April 13th, ‘Mr. Simple’, which was released August 3rd, 2011, sold about 502,830 copies by the end of March 2012, which proves Super Junior’s immense popularity.

Super Junior’s half-million record sales have only been achieved by 2 other artists, namely Kim Gun Mo in 2003 with his 8th album ‘Hestory‘, and TVXQ in 2008 with their 4th album ‘MIROTIC‘. As soon as ‘Mr. Simple’ was released, it not only dominated the music charts in Korea, but also in Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, and other countries. Super Junior also set a record in Taiwan for their track “Bonamana“, which held the #1 position on KKBOX’s chart for 63 weeks straight. “Mr. Simple” is following in its footsteps by holding the #1 spot for 34 weeks straight now.

Super Junior, who is currently on their world tour, have already toured Asia 3 times before, uniting over 500,000 fans and evidencing their popularity not only through their album sales, but also through their concert ticket sales. On the 6th, they performed in Paris, France, which made them the first Korean group to hold a solo concert in France. After successfully completing their concert in Paris, Super Junior is continuing on their world tour to perform in Shanghai, China on the 14th, and in Jakarta, Indonesia, on the 28-29th.

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[111109] Super Junior, Big Bang, TVXQ, and more on Hanteo’s ’2011 Singer Awards’ chart

Hanteo, one of the top album sales monitoring charts in Korea, has released their ’2011 Singer Award’ rankings.

Super Junior clinched 1st place with an overwhelming lead over all the other groups this year (~322,000 copies sold). Second place went to Big Bang (~217,000), while TVXQ has seized the 3rd spot (~201,000). They were followed by Kim Hyun Joong (~200,000) and JYJ (~158,000) for 4th and 5th places, respectively.

As expected, idols dominated album sales this year due to their large, dedicated fan bases. In addition, the top 5 are all male idols, with Kim Hyun Joong being the only male solo artist out of the five.

This chart is scheduled to be updated until the end of this year. However, with less than two months left in the year, it’s not likely that the rankings will change (with the exception of TVXQ and Kim Hyun Joong who are currently neck-and-neck).

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[111101] Big Bang, Super Junior, SNSD lead 2011 MAMA nominations

SINGAPORE: Just who is coming to the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on November 29?

Well, nobody knows who exactly will be turning up yet, but the list of artists who might grace the event has narrowed considerably, following the release of the 2011 MAMA nominees on Tuesday.

A total of 17 awards will be given out at the 2011 MAMA but the categories with the most big name nominees appear to be Best Male Group, Best Female Group, Best Dance Performance Male Group and Best Dance Performance Female Group.

The competition for the Best Male Group award will definitely separate the men from the boys as it is filled with high-powered nominees like Big Bang, Super Junior, Beast, TVXQ and 2PM.

The fight for Best Female Group is no less intense as popular K-pop girl groups SNSD, KARA, 2NE1, f(x) and Brown Eyed Girls go head to head for the award.

Meanwhile, the Best Dance Performance Male Group award nominees largely mirrors that of those for Best Male Group with boy bands Infinite and Rain’s proteges MBLAQ in the running while 2PM is left out.

The nominees for Best Dance Performance Female Group award are more of a mixed bag – with SNSD, 2NE1, T-ara, 4Minute, Secret and miss A vying for the award.

One of the two grand awards being given out is the Song of the Year which sees a variety of artistes like Tablo, Hyun-A, FTIsland, CNBlue and IU being nominated for the award.

The other is the Artiste of the Year award, which is perhaps the most coveted award at the 2011 MAMA.

There are no less than 30 nominees for the award including most of the acts covered above as well as a slew of newcomers like Dal Shabet, A Pink, Brave Girl, B1A4, and Boyfriend.

A spokesperson for event co-organisers MediaCorp Vizpro said the list of attending nominees at the 2011 MAMA is still not known, but even if a fraction of the nominees turn up, this year’s MAMA will still be a massive star-studded event.

Tickets to the 2011 MAMA are on sale now.

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[111101] 2011 MAMA Candidate Awards List – Super Junior & f(x)


– Beast
– Big Bang
Super Junior
– 2PM


– Brown Eyed Girls
– Girls’ Generation
– Kara
– 2NE1


– TVXQ _ Why (Keep Your Head Down)
– Beast _ Fiction
– Big Bang _ Tonight
Super Junior _ Mr. Simple
– MBLAQ _ Monalisa
– Infinite _ Be Mine


– Kim Gun Mo _ It’s Sadder Than Yesterday
– Kim Hyun Joong _ Break Down
– Davichi _ Don’t Say Goodbye
– TVXQ _ Why (Keep Your Head Down)
– Leessang _ Turned Off The TV
– Mighty Mouth _ Tok Tok
– Jay Park _ Abandoned
– Baek Ji Young _ That Woman (Secret Garden OST)
– Beast _ Fiction
– Big Bang _ Tonight
– Girls’ Generation _ The Boys
Super Junior _ Mr. Simple
– Secret _ Shy Boy
– Sistar19 _ Ma Boy
– IU _ Good Day
– MBLAQ _ Mona Lisa
– Lee Hyun _ You’re The Best Of My Life
– Infinite _ Be Mine
– Yim Jae Bum _ Love (City Hunter OST)
– Jaurim _ Idol– Jang Kiha and The Faces _ Just Know Each Other
– Jang Woo Hyuk _ Time is [L]over
– Clover _ La Vida Loca
– Tablo _ Bad
– Tae Yeon _ I Love You (Athena OST)
– T-ARA _ Roly Poly
– 4 Minute _ Mirror Mirror
– Huh Gak – Hello
– Hyun A _ Bubble Pop
– 2AM _ You Wouldn’t Answer My Call
– 2NE1 _ I Am The Best
– 4Men_ Once While Living
– CN Blue _ Intuition
– FT Island _ Hello Hello
– G.NA _ Black & White
– K.Will _ My Heart Beating
– miss A _ Goodbye Baby
– Simon D _ Cheerz
– YB _ Find The Dream Breaker


– YB _ Find The Dream Breaker
– Kim Bum Soo _ Last Love
– Kim Wan Sun _ Super Love
– Kim Ji Su _ Miss You So
– Kim Tae Woo _ Echo
– Kim Hyun Joong _ Break Down
– Dal★shabet _ Supa Dupa Diva
– TVXQ _ Why (Keep Your Head Down)
– Baek Ji Young _ Ordinariness
– Boyfriend _ Boyfriend
– Brown Eyed Girls _ Sixth Sense
– Brave Girls _ Easily
– Beast _ Fiction
– Big Bang _ Tonight
– Seo In Young _ Into The Rhythm
– Sung Si Kyung _ Even Now
– Girls’ Generation _ The Boys
Super Junior _ Mr. Simple
– IU _ Good Day
– A Pink _ I Don’t Know
– N-Train _ One Last Cry
– Jang Jae In _ Toy Soldiers
– KARA _ Step
– Han Groo _ Witch Girl
– Huh Gak _ Hello
– Whee Sung _ Heartsore Story
– 2NE1 _ Ugly
– 2PM _ Hands Up
– B1A4 _ Beautiful Target
f(x) _ Pinocchio
– G.NA _ Black & White

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[111030] Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” grabs top spot on Taiwan’s KKBOX chart for 11 consecutive weeks

As widely publicized by the media and also Super Junior members themselves, the group achieved an unbelievable record of staying at the number one spot on Taiwan’s KKBOX weekly chart for 63 consecutive weeks with their previous title song, “Bonamana.” KKBOX is the largest music website in Taiwan and thus its charts provide strong evidence of artists’ popularity level. Super Junior has expressed gratitude towards Taiwanese ELFs’ efforts in helping them achieve the record, and also hope that the streak will continue with “Mr. Simple” eventually breaking the record achieved by “Bonamana.”

It appears that Super Junior’s message has been heard by all Taiwanese fans, as “Mr. Simple” has now been at the number one spot on the KKBOX chart for 11 consecutive weeks! Ever since over-taking “Bonamana” during the week of August 20th, “Mr. Simple” has been going strong on the charts, only occasionally giving up the number one spot on the daily charts for short periods of time before regaining the top spot.

Including the record achieved by “Bonamana,” Super Junior has now been occupying the number one spot for an amazing 74 consecutive weeks. The group’s “A-Cha” and “Superman” are occupying the number three and number four spot, respectively. Meanwhile, “Bonamana” is still holding strong at number six.

However, with some strong recent and upcoming comebacks, Super Junior is expected to face some tough competition over the next few weeks. In particular, Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” has been released on KKBOX two weeks ago and climbed up to second place this week. Do you think Super Junior will be able to set another record with “Mr. Simple?”

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[111026] Super Junior’s album ranks first in sales

Super Junior sold over three hundred thousand albums and ranked first in album sales.

On the 25th, according to Hanteo Information System, Super Junior’s album sales ranked first, selling over 306,000 albums, from the album Super Junior released this year. Big Bang ranked second selling over 217,000 albums.

Super Junior’s fifth album Mr. Simple recorded over 226,000 album sales and “A-CHa” recorded over 62,000 album sales.

Super Junior is expected to break SNSD’s first place record for 309,000 album sales, a record that was set last year.

Super Junior’s concert tour will start on November 19 at Olympic Park in Seoul and will continue abroad to Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Europe, the Americas, and more.

Source: TV Report
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