[111017] Kim Jang Hoon thanks Super Junior for “Breakups Are So Typical of Me”

Kim Jang Hoon recently teamed up with the members of Super Junior to deliver his latest single,“Breakups Are So Typical of Me“, and he thanked his partners through his Cyworld for everything they had done for him so far.

As fans may know, Kim Jang Hoon and Heechul collaborated on this track, but as the Super Junior member had military duties and couldn’t make Kim Jang Hoon’s live performance, his fellow SuJu members performed instead.

Without further ado, read Kim Jang Hoon’s thankful blog post below:

“With yesterday’s Strong Heart, it seems that my promotions with Super Junior for “Breakups Are So Typical of Me” have finished. (I still have a few promotions left…until it becomes a big hit…lol)

Last week was supposed to be our last broadcast but thanks to ‘Strong Heart’ it was pushed to yesterday…as men are often wont to do I never had the chance to properly thank them.

Hmm…it’s hard to express in words my thanks and happiness. To Heechul for staying up late to record and film the music video until the day before his enlistment, to Yesung for stepping up to the place after his disappearance and singing with me, Eunhyuk andShindong for demonstrating their god-given talents in chreography (lol), Teukie (Leeteuk) for adding his two cents to the choreography..(he’s very strange..ha)

And whenever I went to the waiting room to eat, thanks to Ryeowook and Sungmin for giving me their seat without a word of protest, to Donghae for always laughing after every word…

And lastly to cute Kyuhyun, who kept silent at the beginning perhaps because he found me hard to be easy towards, but ended up making jokes thanks to Leeteuk and Eunhyuk.. (still being slightly scared haha)

As their senior, thanks to all Super Junior members and I wish that their road is filled with only blessings.

Since the only way I can help is to perform, if I am ever needed I’ll always make sure I can attend..

And since the only thing I have is money, contact me whenever you need a drink or a quick loan.

There’s something I learned from Super Junior.

That is passion.

I became nostalgic, thinking ‘I had that passion once..’

I promise myself to tackle the rest of my promotions with the same passion.

Thanks to my Super Junior dongsaengs

and wish them only joy in the future…

Sincerely, Kim Jang Hoon

Finally, thanks to SM Entertainment for making it all happen. Although I may not be of much help, if you ever need assistance with a concert I will always make myself free.

To SM, too, may your future be forever filled with growth..”

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[110513] LEETEUK’s Cyworld Entry: quiet and lonely and sad..

2011.05.13 금 03:41
..As expected(,) this time of dawn will make people feel melancholic..
..really sad and at the same time(,) quiet and lonely and sad..

From Korean to Chinese: Teukbar-静
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