[140629] Siwon Talks About Super Junior’s New Album And Eunhyuk Disliking His Mustache On ‘Section TV’


Super Junior’s Siwon recently made an appearance on MBC’s “Section TV” and he greeted his fans. The singer answered questions and gave an update on what’s new for his idol group.

Siwon revealed that Super Junior has something new for their fans, a new album but still they have to finalize their title track. As for Siwon, he has been so busy working overseas filming a movie.

Siwon was also open about his love for his fellow members saying, “I know it is cheesy, but it’s true.”

Siwon also shared his close relationship with his groupmate Eunhyuk and said that he has a affectionate nickname for him, ” Stupid Anchovy.” He continued saying, “He is the type of person to give me a razor as a gift.”

Siwon said the razor gift was for his mustache and that Eunhyuk thinks it is much nicer to see him without it.  A clean shave brings out his handsomeness.

He shared, “Many people have a misconception of me, but I really like to be comfortable. I was too lazy to shave so I didn’t. It started with Eunhyuk uploading a picture of a razor on his Twitter and writing, ‘Come to the dorm.'”

What do you think looks better on Siwon? With the mustache or without the mustache?

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[130522] Krystal’s Interview with 1st Look Magazine (May 2013 Issue)

f(x)’s Krystal, who has just now turned twenty years old, glowed with a girlish beauty. As much as designer Lee Myung-shin’s dress, which she picked as judge on On Style’s Project All Star. Within the picture, she has on yet another face that is neither an idol nor a girl who has just turned twenty.

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“Rather than showy styling, I actually think that it’s better to dress down one. Relaxing the strength. Like instead of wearing earrings, a bracelet, a hat, and a scarf, wear just one as an accent. I think that looks the coolest and most stylish.”

Girl group f(x)’s Krystal became a judge on On Style’s Project Runway Korea All Star (herein referred to as Project All Star). Five designers, consisting of Lee Myung-shin, Yoon Sae-na, Jung Mi-young, Hwang Jae-geun, and Im Jae-yoon, created feather dresses for her and she herself judged them. For her final selection, Krystal picked designer Lee Myung-shin’s mini dress with its impressive colorful feathers and corset details. Although she usually doesn’t enjoy showy styles, she wanted to become a bit more daring through the photo shoot and it matched her well. Krystal, wearing designer Lee Myung-shin’s feather dress and standing in front of the camera, was not the same girl we have seen up until now. There was yet another face there, one which was not that of an idol or a girl who has just turned twenty years old. And so, it can be said like this. This meeting, which must have been a type of challenge for both Project All Star and her, was quite successful.

You shot a pictorial wearing the winning piece of the ninth episode of Project All Star today. Is the photo shoot to your liking?
I was worried slightly because it’s my first attempt at this concept. I tried to express looking a bit mysterious as well as give off a strong feel to the maximum, but…. I’m not sure how many points I can give myself. (laughter) And when I saw the dress on the runway the length seemed just right, maybe because the model was tall, but it was slightly too long when I wore it. I thought, “Bah, a model really is a model.”

What is the reason you chose designer Lee Myung-shin’s piece out of the five dresses?
When I imagined shooting a pictorial, I thought that it would come out looking the coolest and prettiest. Because to start with, it mixes in several colors. And out of that, the bust and neck areas that were decorated with yellow feathers were to my liking. I liked those minor details. And in addition, this outfit isn’t an absolutely feminine style. I thought that there was a strength to it somewhere, and so received the feeling that she made it to match me well.

Which piece was most to your liking aside from designer Lee Myung-shin’s?
The long green dress designer Lee Jae-yoon made for me. I kept deliberating over which of the two pieces to choose.

It must have been the first time you judged clothes someone designed, it must not have been easy.
When I was judging I really couldn’t bring myself to speak. Come on, what could I really be the judge of. (laughter) I didn’t think that it was good etiquette to make criticisms of clothes which the designers lost sleep over and worked hard to make.

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