[110419] Youngstreet w/ DJ Heechul (TRANSCRIPT)

* Nam is Hee’s Co-DJ.

Opening- above the sky and below the sky, dominated by heechul, Americano, Americano is the coffee named Espresso in Italy (but with more hot water), this way of calling it originates in US. It’s weird that Australia don’t call this kind of coffee Americano. Don’t know if it’s because they don’t want to use a name which bears a foreign meaning or because they want to give it a localized name

As for the coffee culture in Korea, is it better to name misscoffee, those vending machine as Koreano? 19April Tuesday music start.

Heechul: in fact when foreigners come to Korea, they are surprised that misscoffee taste so good. Kimchi, roasted meet has also become the representative of korea eating culture as well

Hee: back to the topic about coffee, it’s because of the taste and the scent of coffee and the atmosphere when drinking coffee that makes people to like coffee. When you drink coffee alone, there is a sense of serenity, when 2 people drink coffee together, they can talk and after drinking coffee, you will not feel sleepy and can wake yourself up. I don’t drink coffee. But I will drink tea with Hong Gi , Jun Hyung and watch movie together

Hee: nowadays as parents want to communicate better with children, they learn some of the popular internet slang. But these newly created words should not damage to original Korean culture. In fact I dnot know how to use those new phrase, because those phrases cannot be used in games

Audience: those new-bie in our company usually leave after working for a few days. As for now, 6 people have left. We have talked to the agent that they have to pick people carefully in the next selection, then the agent finish the selection within 5 mins. That person greet them and said “Hello, my name is Chui Yong Sum (yong sum means diligent)!

Heechul: o they like their name, there was a program like that before

Hee: O, I remember, it sings like this “it’s not like that, it’s not like that” audience: I went to the Amusement park with 2 other friends and 1 guy, then a girl pretend to be timid and said “I am so scared” and lie on that boy. Oppa, please don’t be cheat by the pretentious act of girls

Hee: seems like people who are single cannot go to amusement park. May is a time that is good to go out w/ family. There are only children and couples in amusement park, in fact even if that girl is pretentious, it is good to have a girl besides. It’s so sweet and cute to have a girl saying “Oppa, have you had your lunch yet”.

Audience: there is an Oppa whom I like so much because he is good but I have never told any friends or that Oppa about this

Audience: not long ago that Oppa has girlfriend now and friends come and ask me “are you still fine” and I said: I never said I like him. Then other friends just said – by looking at how you look at him, we know you like him and he knows you like him too. Ai, he knows it.. I feel very shy and because that oppa knows as well and this make me feel I am very bad.

Hee: Yes, the eyesight of showing love can not be covered

Hee: I always show that kind of eyesight in variety show, in the alternative I seldom show that in tv shows and I will make Soojin cry. Everytime when I great others in variety show and exchange eyesight with others, I can feel something special. When I reach home, Eteuk and Donghae asked me” how is your filming today? When we look at you exchanging eyesight with others, we think that you two can go into a relationship”

Hee: AR, I want to go back to my dorm! if there is a chance, go to play in our dorm, it’s really fun

Hee: there is a girls group that can make people like them in 4 mins, and they are 4 minutes!! 4 mins greet the audience.

Hee: 4 minutes has released a CD, their feeling now is different from the feeling when they release their EP. Members: of coz yes, it feel very
practical now.

Hee: besides the song “mirror mirror”, you still have “heat to heart” which one do you like more ?

Member: we are a dance group so we like “mirror mirror” more.

Hee: you dance that “melting ice-cream” very well…..

member: what dance is that.

Hee: it’s that, how come you girls don’t dance that. When I watched SBS yesterday with Leeteuk at home, we are waiting your group to perform that song.

Hee: donghae and Nam Ji Hyun filmed the tv series “it’s the father’s daughter”

Hee: when donghae came home, he said good things about you, heard that both donghae and eunhyuk likes you a lot.

Nam(Hee’s co-DJ) : among the 13 people in SJ……Hee: you like donghae

Nam: I like donghae and HeechulHee: now 4 minutes is the backbone of all girls group.

Every one: no, we just debut for 1 year

Hee: do you feel any changes among girls group?

Members: there is a time in the standby room that we become the oldest girls group, cant believe there are so many girls group debut after us.

Hee: there are so many girls group, although it’s a good news for me, but do you girls mind?

Members: we have our own specialties. In steadof staying alert, we look at them as entertainment

Hee: you are the first group debut in Cube Company, after you that is beast G.Na. heard that there will be a new group coming, the singers in your company are successful. Do you think your boss does not pay much attention on your group?

Raina: we call our boss dad because we like to act in a flightyway so he always treat us well. Members: we treat the nearly debut people as our siblings

Concerning the topics about insects, Hee roar and imitate how other members act when they see insect.

Audience: how long do you sleep because your schedule is so tight?

Members: we usually wake up at 2 to 3:30 for make up.

Hee: why does it take so long to put the make up on? We usually spend just 20 mins.

Members: because our make up is heavier.

Hee: yes, there are times I cannot recognize………….

Members: senior………

hee: sorry……..

audience: your dance is very sexy, were you shocked when you first know you have to dance like that? Raina: we amend some of the dance moves in our dance. Audience: how do you act when your lies are being discovered?

Hee: do you lie, Ji Hyun?

Ji Hyun: No I don’t lie

Hee: what do other members think?

Members: when she lies, she blushes.

Members: even if she doesn’t tell lies she is wicked tongue.

Hee: who is the most wicked tongue person?

Members: Ga Yoon

Hee: O you are such a horrible person…

audience: how do members feel when you act alone.

Hee: yes, your members have lots of tv variety shows such as Invincible youth (Heechul pronounced the name of the tv shows wrongly) …

Members: it is Invincible youth …

Hee: (roar), I know, I have been to there before!

Members: we act as a ordinary person in those tv shows so people cannot recognize us.

Members: our make up are usually heavy, so when we don’t put on make up and got to a function alone, others cannot recognize us.

Audience: have you ever act in a bad way and got misunderstood by some senior?

Audience: have you ever act in a bad way and got misunderstood by some senior?

Members: because I am not out-going and don’t always talk to members, so people think I always ignore people.

Hee: I agree with this.

Members: it takes us a long time to be close.

Audience: dad is watching tv in the living room and I want to go out w/ friends, how can I do that?

Members: you can just tell your dad you want to go out and find your friends

Hee: 4 minutes have been together for 3 years.

Members: oh it has been 3 years?

Hee: yes, are you not satisfied with that?

Members: No…

Hee: you girls have been together for so long and you should understand others just by looking at their eyesight?

Raina: yes, sometimes when we see someone black face we will speak carefully and ask for the reason after some time

Hee: who is the member who least act in a Flighty way? (they were talking about who act best in a flighty way but I couldn’t hear).

members: Ga Yoon.

Ga Yoon: I only act in such a way when I have to.

Hee: then how do you act in a flighty way?

Ga Yoon: at most I will say “why do you act like this~”

members: who has the best body?

Ji Hyun: Body shape is very important for a girls group. I have been panic for some time but for the sake of peacefulness, I plan to say it’s me

Hee: why do you pick yourself? Do you think you are the best?

Ga Yoon: in fact our members are very charming.

Hee: do other membesr agree?

Members: yes, her body is really good.

Hee: ok no need to say in such details or else I will be blushed…..

question: who has the strongest momentum in the group?

Members: Ga Yoon should be the first. Hee: does she beat you all?

Ga Yoon: No I m just a cool person so it seems like I have a great momentum.

Hee: so who is the one w/ the least then?

Members: Raina because she is really ordinary offstage. Raina: because my momentum is so strong on stage so I want to make more friends offstage

Question: who is the most stingy person?

Raina: we use our company card. We don’t have to spend any money besides buying clothes. Also we cannot go to club because of our age so we don’t have places to spend our money. question: who looks the best w/o makeup?

Ga Yoon: Ji Hyun’s skin is really good w/o make up.

Hee: JiJyun, let me see. Do other members agree?

Raina: agree. Sometimes we take photos for few days consecutively and Ji Hyun’s skin is not being affected.

Ji Hyun: sometimes people said I look bad w/ make up.

Hee: what is such comment! you look good. Then who look worst w/o make up, So Hyun ? So Hyun: why do you ask me….then it’s me…

Hee: then please said number 4, who is slightly better…

Hee read a ranking of the above question given by a comedian. Ga Hyun ranks 5 among 4 mins member as to body shape. The reason is it’s worse. The ranking about momentum – first is Raina, because it will become crazy when she face the camera. The 5th is Ji Hyun, reason is she is not outgoing, cry whenever being beaten. SO Hyun looks the best w/o make up beacause every one start aging by 20

The 5th is Ji Hyun, no reason.

Hee: it’s closing time please express your feeling now.

So Hyun: we havent been to radio program for long, at first we are nervous but you make us feel relaxed, thanks, we are happy so please invite us more.

Hee: that’s a lie worth my appreciation. If I really call and invite you, you must have other schedule and can’t come

Hee: Ji, say something.

Ji Hyun: it’s really happy today, please invite us more.

Hee: you speaks well so you should participate in more variety show.

Ji (very happy): thanks for your appreciation.

Hee: AI I am farther away from you.

Ji Hyun: in stead of you I like donghae more

Hee: ok, I am farther away from you now

Audience: we have a very pretty teacher in our tuition group, let me introduce her to you, if you are interested please contact me.

Hee: yeah. The teacher should be younger than me. It will be suitable if there is a 2-3 years age difference. I talked with defconn before and think it’s a good idea to find a teacher. If she speaks to me as if she is talking to a student, wow, good, “husband, your radio program should be listened by more people”

aiya, if she will say things like that, may be it’s better to be single…

audience: I think you can handle relationship w/ girls very well. Teach me.

Hee: in fact that’s not called handle, my method is to use Honorifics when you are not very closed to one and others. When the girls say “Oppa speaks to me in non-honorifics” I will say “next time” but when it’s next time I will still use honorifics

Hee: when you two are closed, I will treat girls as if they are boys. Many people will said those become my friends has joined Hee-line. Girls who enter into hee-line wont be treated as girls. I have a clear distinction between friends and girlfriends

Hee: this is the end of the program, tomorrow is Chul- heart, please listen 107.7. of course if you are old audience you should have note that down. The ending song is “baby don’t cry”. Above the sky and below the sky, dominated by YS

Credit: 80后花瓣部落
Translated by: biesnoopy@the-forever.com
Shared by: niebee @ sj-world.net