[120601] Hangeng exudes charisma with military uniform, new album to be released in July

A recent black-white photoshoot with Hangeng showed him donned in military style clothes with hats tilting at different angles. This is the concept for the music industry in the year 2012.

Since debut, Hangeng has been going for the vibrant, healthy image. Being born and bred from the North-eastern region, Hangeng’s father, a military officer, have greatly influenced him with the courage and loyalty that most military personnel possess, and he hoped that all these traits would be seen on him, distinguishing him from the rest.

After the filming of “The Kingdom” last year, Hangeng has been devoting himself with his second album, from the production to the recording, filming of MV as well as designing the posters, Hangeng have been striving to do his best to produce an avant-garde album with his passion and attitude towards music. To coincide with the concert together with the release of the album for a more memorable experience with fans, the photobook, album and concert will follow the theme for 2012.

Hangeng’s first stop for his concert will be in Beijing on the 28 of July, where his second album will be released all the same.

Source: ent.163.com
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[111106] Hangeng Weibo Update: 6th anniversary



Since i stood on my first stage in 6 November 2005, today is the 6th anniversary already. No matter if in 2005 i debut in music, or in 2011 i debut in movies. Even if it is 2012, i will continue to work hard and do well. In a different time and environment, i only want to continue being the real ‘Hangeng’. In the 6years, until the future, thank you everyone for accompanying me till now, and let let my dreams continue to become true.

Source: Han Geng’s Weibo
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[110504] Information about Han Geng’s Concert DVD

In 2010, ‘Geng Xin’, Han Geng’s concert in Beijing. It was held on 17th and 18th July 2010 at the Beijing Exhibition Hall. This is Han Geng’s first solo concert after his debut. The theme of this concert was set as <Geng Xin>, which symbolized Han Geng’s brand new journey and presentation of his work from his heart. It emphasized the improvements and evolution of Han Geng’s singing and dancing skills. During the concert, Han Geng also tried many different performing style which he had never tried before.

On the music side, other than the usual <singing and dancing>, to show Han Geng’s personal views in regards to music from different angles, they infused orchestral music, percussion music and unplugged music, these were genres that Han Geng had not tried before. <Unplugged> was used to show Han Geng’s clear and bright voice, at the same time, working with a top notch percussionist from China allowed his fans to know more about Han Geng. Other than his superb dancing skills, this concert showed the other emotional side of Han Geng.

In regards to his dancing and visual, it was definitely a breakthrough in this concert. They used the newest technology in Europe, <Invisible Floating Visual Panel>, it showed a virtual 3-dimensional Han Geng dancing with the real Han Geng, <The Scientific Dance Show>. This gave all fans an unbelievable and cool feel!

DVD List:
1. Fire
2. Dangerous Love
3. Because of Dreams
4. Love Letter to Stranger
5. Holding an Umbrella
6. Hai Kuo Tian Kong
7. Say No
8. Queen
9. Xing Qing
10. Ai Wo Bie Zou
11. Heartache. Notebook
12. A Simple Person
13. My Logo
14. Wings of Love

There are 3 different versions on Dang Dang

First Version:
Han Geng Official Concert 2010 DVD (1 DVD dics)
Comes with a free poster
Price: 49 RMB

Second Version:
Han Geng Official Concert 2010 DVD Limited (3 DVD dics)
Dang Dang’s exclusive sale, only 20000 sets.
Concert footages + 58 minutes long of exclusive backstage footages + <Geng Xin> Movie MV + Big Concert Poster + Concert Momento, Silver Chain
Price: 79 RMB

Third Version:
Han Geng Visual Fest 2010 Limited
Dang Dang’s exclusive sale, only 10000 sets.
Concert footages + 58 minutes long of exclusive backstage footages + <Geng Xin> Movie MV + Han Geng’s <12.21> Silver Version + Concert Momento, Silver Chain

Dang Dang (Page of DVD 49RMB)
Dang Dang (Page of DVD 79RMB)
Dang Dang (Page of DVD 118RMB)

This product information was just put up today, so right now the DVD is only available on DangDang.com (which does take foreign credit cards and ships internationally, but is only in Chinese.) Hopefully within the next few days, YesAsia or other websites will pick it up, if only the first version of it.

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