Han Geng received the Most Popular Male Award

Last night, ‘The 11th Mengniu Music Billboards’ was grandly held in Guangdong, Dongguan. Including Yao Qian, Yuan Wei Ren, Zhang Ya Dong, Han Geng, Li Yuchun, Zhou Bi Chang, Cheng Chu Sheng, Joey Rong, Zhang Jia Hui, Hebe Tian Fu Zhen, Tan Wei Wei, there were more than 100 over artistes came to witness this big event in the Chinese music industry. Lastly, Han Geng and Li Yuchun received the Most Popular Male and Female Singer awards respectively and Joey Rong received award as the most influential artiste.

Han Geng and Li Yuchun received the Most Popular Male and Female Singer awards respectivelyZhou Bi Chang crowned as the youngest singing queen

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110412 FanFan’s and Ella Chen’s weibo entries about Han Geng

@Fan Wei Qi (12th April 2011, 07:56 AM via IPhone): 
Thank you Universe Invincible Super Graded Handsome Guy @Han Geng,
Han Geng, Master Three Year Old specially took the time to record for me the VCR for the “A Date with Lu Yu” show, so touching!
My friend Sister Annie @NikeAnnie and I both said, you are really polite and you acts on your words,
both interior and appearance are equally beautiful, the God is really not fair~keke:)
see you soon in Taipei! Thank you again:)

Reply to Fan Wei Qi:

@Ella Chen (12th April 2011, 11:32 AM via IPhone): 

Yes! He is very cute!

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[110410] HANGENG responds to questions about Super Junior M!

Former Super Junior member Hangeng talks about Super Junior M’s win on the same awards ceremony. On the 10th of April, Hangeng was cornered by the press after winning three awards on Taiwan’s first Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards.

Hangeng, who attended the ceremony, was awarded “Most Popular Newcomer”, “Most Dedicated Song” and “Top 20 Golden Songs”. Meanwhile, Super Junior also received “Best Selling Jpop/Kpop Album Of the Year” for their album “Bonamana,” while the group’s subunit, Super Junior M, was also awarded “Most Popular Group”.

Meeting the press after his win, Hangeng was then asked if he would be congratulating the group for winning. With no hesitation, Hangeng answered “Of course we do congratulate each other. I saw them from the backstage clinching an award and I clapped for them! Yes, clapped for them.”

The reporter further asked Hangeng if he would be visiting the Super Junior M members in Taiwan, as the group is reported to be staying for an extended period of time for their promotions, in which he answered that the members are probably still in Korea* and replied that he would visit them if he was given a chance.

Congratulations to Hangeng, Super Junior and Super Junior M!


*Note: Super Junior M returned to Korea on April 6 for a CF shoot and were therefore unable to attend the event. They are allegedly back in Taipei, Taiwan now.


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